What's In My Bag at Walt Disney World

…nothing! HA HA, just kidding. Or am I? There are so many wonderful comprehensive lists of what to bring to the parks when you visit Walt Disney World. Some people may really need bottles of water, and hand sanitizer, and snacks, and, and, and…Not me, man. One of the perks of Walt Disney World’s impeccable service is that they really try to provide so much! So really all I bring is:

My Magic Band: And when you’re staying on property in a Walt Disney World resort, this eliminates your need for a wallet. Scan it to pay for food/bev/souveniers, it goes on your room bill, and you pay upon check out.

Credit Card and ID: Gotta prove that you’re a big girl when you’re drinkin’ around Epcot! Oh, and pay for drinks obv.

Burt’s Bees: I apply this stuff obsessively, all day long. If we’ve hung out, you’ve probably watched me slather it on, trance-like for 30 seconds while you’re talking. I’m a weirdo.

And das it! No, seriously. Here’s why:

Water: at any counter service restaurant you can ask for complimentary iced tap water.

Snacks: when I’m at Disney World, the food is as much of an experience as the rides and atmosphere! Even if I don’t have ADRs (aka reservations) I will usually have a little plan of attack where I’m going to eat. I usually trust Disney Tourist Blog, Disney Food Blog and Vegan Disney Food for their recommendations. Plus, there’s always popcorn. I LOVE POPCORN.

Kid Stuff and First Aid: Okay, I’m not a mom. I get it. But I am an Aunt, a Na-na, and a MommyShauna, and when I help plan trips for my rental babies or even travel along with them- I remind the parents about the Baby Center. There’s one in each park, and they provide a whole room full of changing tables, a quiet dark area with rocking chairs to breastfeed, and a little shop full of necessities. (Diapers, wipes, cream, baby food- you know.) Just next door is a First Aid Station. Of course they are there for medical emergencies (my lil non-cashew eater Charlie was happy to hear they had extra Epi Pens just in case) but they also have Band Aids, Neosporin, Advil and the like. 


(Kids like Finding Nemo, right? See? I DO get it.) 

Another thing to consider- if you’re packing a Park Bag like you’re gonna be gone for two days…you’re staying in the parks too long. One of my number one Disney Vacation Planning suggestions (for adults or families) is to pace yourself. Ideally I like to visit one park in the morning, and then head back to the hotel after lunch. You can nap, swim in the pool, eat at a Resort restaurant- basically recharge until you feel ready to head for park number two. It avoids the inevitable meltdown that all humans (children and otherwise) have when they are overwhelmed by TOO MUCH MAGIC.*

*Magic…and Florida heat, crowds, and indulgent vacation food. So, what's the craziest thing you've ever seen someone bring into the parks? Comment below, or tell me over on Instagram, I wanna know!