Should I do this bio in the third person? That's weird, right? Hi, I'm Shauna.

You might call this a lifestyle blog but I like to say slice of life. Mostly because it reminds me of cake. And pie. And pizza. You see where this is going.

Where are YOU going? (Literally. And in life.) As a chronic Assistant, Planner and Muse Type Person I want to share the same helpful approach that has guided my friends and inner circle to have better vacations, make decisions about their businesses, and has brought a lot of magic and joy to my own life.

If you are: 

  • a frequent traveler (or would like to be)
  • into cheap champagne
  • an indie boutique shopper & vintage junker
  • appreciative of art and design
  • generally fun-loving
  • in need of a little pixie positivity're in the right place.

I grew up on an island (yes, kind of like Moana only less tropical) and I’ve lived on the coast, in the mountains, New York City and Los Angeles before settling outside of Atlanta. The list of places I’ve visited sounds like I’m just reciting Johnny Cash lyrics. I married a professional stuntman and I love Walt Disney World. I live in a 100 year old house near some zombies with my 3-legged rescue pitbull.

Now that you know about me- I wanna know more about you! We can connect on Instagram and Facebook. I can help you plan your Disney trip, make your dreams come true or just make you a cocktail. Let's be friends!

xo, Shauna

PS: Yes, I do have purple hair.